Body Moisturizing Milk

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Tones up

Tropical Nuts -Vanilla

 This complete skin care instantly moisturizes* and tones the skin.Hadali selects a combination of active ingredients well-known for their moisturizing* and firming properties. This innovative complex helps to preserve and protects the skin, maintaining moisture, and bringing softness and comfort. Hyaluronic acid can capture up to 30 times its volume in water, and therefore allows to build up a stock of water, enough to maintain an optimal moisturizing* of the skin. The refined and delicate combination of oils from tropical nuts (avocado, coconut and cashew nut**) form a potent concentrate of nutriments and vitamins: these have many qualities, especially moisturizing*, antioxidant and protective properties. Vanilla water rounds off with its emollient characteristics.

98,7% of the total ingredients are of natural origin 

24,9% of the total ingredients proceed from certified organic farming


RESULTS : As water brings life to the tropical forest, the comforting Body Milk by Hadali leaves your skin soft, velvety and revitalized. Apply morning and evening on dried skin, after showering or sunbathing. Not sticky.

Visible results: By the third hour after application, it is noticed that top skin layers show a significant increased moisturizing activity, up to as 84,77% ***.

* Moisturizing of the top skin layers ** Patent *** Tests conducted by an independent laboratory on 10 women