The pomegranate contains tannins. The fruit is rich in water (79%) also containsorganic acids, potassium, phosphorus, chlorine and sulfur. Sterols are found in seeds.

The pomegranate extract by the presence of organic acids should have rejuvenatingeffects related to the effects of keratolytic AHA. Thanks to the presence of tanninspomegranate extract should also clean the skin. 

Tannins and particularly ellagic acid, tannin majority in the pomegranate, has astringent effects. By tightening the pores, the tannins gives to the pomegranate extract a tightening effect, giving the skin asmoother appearance. The tannins are also anti-oxidant which helps fight against the harmful effects of free radicals caused by sun and pollution.

Pomegranate extract helps to:

Smooth skin

Tighten pores

Regenerate the skin

Skin resurfacing

Fight against the harmful effects of free radicals

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