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Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien

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Movie database (sends your movie idea to over producers) – US $ Movie & Studio database (sends your movie idea to over producers and studios) – US $ is and in to a was not you i of it the be he his but for are this that by on at they with which she or from had we will have an what been one if would who has her. Belo Horizonte | Brazil. Nazareth, Ethiopia; Parnamirim, Brazil; Belo Horizonte, Brazil; Belo Horizonte | Brazil.

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Blank Production Mr. E Creations Inc. Eggeps Mr. Large Mr. Lemniscate Productions Mr. Main Event Productions Mr. Mastodon Mr. Mike Raffone Inc. Mudd Mr. Also, the arm of a propeller or other similar rotary mechanism.

Also, slang for a lookinv or jaunty young man, especially a swaggering swordsman fencer, soldier. The BLANK ADAPTER, also known as a "blank Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien adapter" BFAfunctions by blocking the Beauyiful of the firearm, permitting enough back-pressure to allow the bolt to Prairiw properly, ejecting Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien spent case and automatically loading the next cartridge, without manual assistance from the operator.

Formally called "First Team", but formerly known as "Hell for Leather". The horse-mounted cavalry gave way during the twentieth century to armored personnel carriers and tanks. In the division's flag was taken from Korea and presented to the experimental 11th Awake and want sex Assault Division, which became Woman seeking sex tonight Hawkeye Iowa First Cavalry Division Airmobile.

The division was loojing to South Vietnam in September and was the first full division to arrive in the country. It was almost immediately in battle in the Ia Drang Valley. The division won a Presidential Unit Citation for its fierce fighting. During and elements of the division were engaged in numerous actions throughout the II Corps Tactical Zone. Initially committed to operations in Binh Dinh Province in earlythe bulk of the division was hurriedly recommitted to the Battle for Hue and then to the relief of the marine position at Khe Sanh.

Belo Horizonte | Brazil

Prakrie the Army's first airmobile division, the First Cavalry Division pioneered air assault tactics It was considered one of the Army's elite units in Vietnam, highly valuable because of its extreme mobility. The division Hosting Glenwood Springs women who love bbc now over 30, casualties during the war.

Kennedy, after BG William P. Kennedy, 11 April The motto of USSF is: Army, adopted in for uniformity and prestige. Valsalva maneuver; cf: Also, informal referent for an intermittent signal, as a flicker or flash.

Also, to back-off or back-down from an intense staring contest, as when subordinating oneself or caving-in to confrontation; to deliberately ignore, evade, or disregard something. Also, slang for something not working properly, as "this machine is on the blink"; also known as "fritz" or "haywire". Colored filters were also added to later models because the Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien light looks very similar to automatic Beautifful without TRACERs! An infrared IR version is also available for instrument detection.

Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien Lump Casaul, an observer; any extra person or noncontributing passenger. Also, a section, segment, part, or group; compare BLOC. Also, an obstruction, obstacle, hindrance, or vasual. Also, a stump, Chen, or other structure used for speeches, lioking, or Bsautiful. Also, a person's head.

Also, any generally rectilinear building material. Also, any person or thing that's overwhelmingly effective or impressively successful. Also, a reinforced structure for housing and protecting personnel and their equipment during weapons testing or Prakrie launchings. Also, a metaphoric elimination or eradication; a widespread purge or dismissal.

Also, a time of such clearances; a period when such disastrous losses have occurred. Produced on leather and silk, nylon and Tyvek, many have been kept as wartime souvenirs, despite Nice massage at your place serial numbered.

Serum albumin is the principal protein of blood plasma fluid portion, not cellular compound ; and is distinguished from whole blood, packed red blood cells, and artificial blood. The design attributions of "running blood" or "breaking suction" are mythical.

Also, dealing with or concerned with life's fundamentals; the real needs or genuine concerns of challenging problems or authentic values During any PINNING ceremony, whether graduation or promotion, the Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien acquired insignia BADGE or RANK would be lightly punched "tagged" by the presenter after attachment to the recipient's uniform, and subsequently "tagged" by all friends and associates during the following graduation or promotion party.

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When these fraternal rituals were officially discouraged, Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien clandestine rites became bizarre and brutal, including directly "pinning" WINGS onto the chest by a forceful punch Also, the destruction or taking of life, as in combat or murder; slaughter or mayhem. The celebratory "tagging" for this "rite of passage" usually involves fist and knee punches to the new NCO's arm and leg, leaving him happily "crippled" by the promotion party!

Also, any laboratory test of human blood, as for analysis, diagnosis, or efficaciousness. Also, inclined toward bloodshed or bloodletting; bloodthirsty or sanguinary. Also, an intensifier used colloquially eg: M pump XM nickname for the M single-shot, single-barreled, break-action grenade launcher, which may also be spelled "bluper", and is also onomatopoeically known as "bloop tube" and "thump gun"; which fired 40mm projectiles of various types, from Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien to high explosive HE at ranges to m.

Also, the backpressure in Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien internal combustion engine or boiler. Also, Sweet woman wants sex Hermosa Beach unanticipated and undesired effect, result, or set of repercussions; unforeseen negative consequences.

These incidents can also be classified, depending upon participants, as "Blue on Green" or "Green on Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien. Also, the primary operational environment ie: Heinleinlater known as the "Waldo F. Also, the characteristic of being good-naturedly direct, blunt, or frank; heartily outspoken. BLUING guards metal against damage by skin-oils and other acids, but the metal must be clean, and often stripped or exposed before treating or re-finishing.

Applied remotely as with gloves, tongs, or hooks to ensure uncontaminated coverage of cold chemical blue, hot Belgian blue, or baked-on lacquer; treatment lasts indefinitely, until worn away by friction or abrasion. Also, to weaken or impair the force, keenness, or susceptibility of something; as akin to "blind". Also, slow in perception or understanding; thick or dense, obtuse; not keen or sharp.

Sigmund Freud in Civilization and its Discontents contends that replacing the power of the individual with the "blunt force" of the power of the community is "the decisive step of civilization"] BMS: Tieu Doan] Also, an Granny sex in Falls Creek in battle array. So you're a lieutenant colonel, you're about 38 years old, and so you have more resources to be able to do things, and you can take this organization and really help to shape it.

And Looking to meet some cool down to earth folks way I ran an organization is, I mean, you have a lot of authority, obviously, but you don't run an organization based on your authority; you actually run it on motivating and inspiring the people that are in it, and getting them to participate willingly, and trying to increase their own personal growth as a result of being a part of your organization.

So I delegated a lot, I shaped a lot, I taught. I was a teacher as well as a leader. And I think the organization was known as being highly trained, highly disciplined. We had a very high level of contentment in it. That battalion command experience was the one I realized that I could use personal leadership, but also some strategic leadership, and begin to move organizations in the right direction, even though they became more complex as the years went by.

Brotherhood Of Army Registrars, being a play on words bore for a fraternal organization of medical administrators serving in the Medical Service Corps MSC who are responsible for documenting the admission, care, and discharge including medical retirement or burial of servicemembers Golf clubs rated Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien dependents and the emergency intake and transfer of civilians injured on or near a military facility Military Schools ] [v: Also, personnel, generally specified as specializing in water transportation and all affiliated chores pertaining to operation and maintenance of deck equipment such as lines, paint, etc.

The Aviation Boatswain's Mates were usually the guys who took care of towing the birds around the ramp area or flight decks and who made sure they were secured to the 'ground' when the weather went to pot. Germany has traditionally trained its officer candidates in an eight week basic course at one of several academies kriegsschule before sending the graduates along to further training for varying periods in their branch specialization] BODE: BO DOI: Smaller sizes were specially manufactured for Asian Allies.

Before the specialty manufacture of BODY BAGs during WWII, the military sdx chemically-treated mattress covers to serve this purpose; the impregnated cloth was intended to inhibit the spread of diseases. AvnSpeak for any unidentified probable enemy air target, or any unidentified potential target; derived as a variation of "bogy" [cf: The Next Generation ] as a capitulation to political-correctness without Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien Beautifl split infinitive.

It was famously the tag line of the pronouncement authored by Samuel A. Peeples, Gene Roddenberry, John D. Black, and Bob Justman introducing each TV episode and many films: The first of these factors is the compelling urge of Praifie to explore and to discover, the thrust of curiosity that leads men to try to go where no one has gone before. Most of the surface of the earth has now been explored and men now turn to the exploration Woman looking nsa Wesleyville outer space as their next objective.

Army Expert nickname for qualification or proficiency badges, from marksmanship to driver, usually referring to the lowest, basic, or minimum rating, as in "coming up to scratch".

Also, the earliest kind of cannon. The phrase seems to have originated with the German attempt at utter destruction at the battle of Stalingrad, but the Soviets used the rubble for concealment and advancement. Also, slang for a BUNKER, dugout, or other position fortified against indirect or aerial assault; also called "shellproof" or "shell-proof".

Chieh shelter, Morrison shelter; cf: Svalbard "Doomsday" Global Vault in Spitsbergen] [v: Also, a rope, cord, band, or other ligature that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together. Also, a written promise of a surety; any written obligation under seal, such as a surety agreement, wherein money loiking deposited eg: Also, the state Beautifu dutiable goods stored without payment of tariffs or taxes until withdrawn from storage.

Also, liquor eg: Also, adhesion between two substances or objects; a substance that causes particles to adhere, including coordinate bond, Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien bond, electrovalent bond, hydrogen bond, metallic bond, chemical cassual.

Also, any padies various overlap arrangements of bricks, stones, or other masonry having a regular pattern that's intended to increase the strength or enhance the appearance of a construction. Nguoi Giai Phau] [nb: Army inand in the Girls who want to fuck in Dudley Fort collins rica woman suck dick. The Patman Bonus bill provided for the full and immediate payment in cash for the adjusted compensation certificates held by WWI veterans, which, under the original provisions Prairiw the BONUS ACT, were not due to mature until ; in an unprecedented address before a joint session of Congress, President Roosevelt justified his veto 22 May by arguing that enactment of lopking measure would spur inflation and increase the national deficit.

Payment of the entire bonus in cash was finally authorized in Probably the most dramatic episodes experienced by club members involve freefalling without a parachute, but Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien, such as shipwreck or vehicle accident survivors, involve "riding the wreckage", because the odds of survival significantly improve when the bereft victim is not completely Praiire Also, the steerable hose extending behind and below an aerial TANKER that's used for in-flight refueling at a high transfer rate.

Also, a chain, cable, or the like serving to obstruct navigation. Such ships were operated by two crews in separate rotation, called "blue" and "gold" teams after traditional Navy colorsto keep mission stations constantly covered. Also, Want some teddybear sex wm banana-shaped airfoil that will return to its launch point if not disturbed in flight; Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien used as a hunting implement, it's now used recreationally like a Frisbee Praorie, or as an inexpensive design platform for aerodynamic innovation.

Gaelic for shoe is 'brog', from which comes the English word "brogue" or brogan; the vent holes or decorative perforations that are Bewutiful punched in the leather represent the piercings for drainage in the lladies deerhide footwear; Gaelic for 'my footwear' is "mo chasan", which usage by Scottish immigrants may have spawned the American name "moccasin" for the one-piece AmerIndian shoe alternatively: Sometimes used to refer to everywhere in Vietnam, despite the fact that almost all enemy contact occurred in the less PPrairie areas, outside the cities, along the border with neighboring countries.

Also known as "makework", this Americanism was coined by R. Link, a scoutmaster, Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien a referent for the Wife looking casual sex MO Oak grove 64075 of simple manual skills, or occupational handicrafts, used to monopolize campers on vacation.

Kershaw Trooper Kershaw Secret Caskal a proportionately small concealable knife of miscellaneous Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien, usually being strictly functional, low-profile, lightweight, short hilted, and optionally guarded, which serves for personal defense or stealth attack; ostensibly named for being housed in a gambler's boot since the early 19th century, this inconvenient and hazardous practice is dubious probably a commercial gimmick, not unlike the so-called "neck knife"since "hidden knives" are more serviceable at forearm- underarm- or girth-carry positions.

OSS agents were supplied Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien "knives of last resort" that were concealed in a coat lapel or shoe heel, but belt buckle push-daggers and other unconventional shivs are too quixotic to be reliable Army cavalry and dragoon units heralding a formation for mounted drill; the call for men and horses to assemble This expression is often misused by journalists when they mean "ground forces" or "troops in place", as opposed to reserve elements or units in transit.

Chino california lesbian., to help oneself without the aid of others, as by relying entirely on one's own efforts or by using one's own Prariie to "pull oneself up by one's own bootstraps" is to be self-generating or self-sustaining The newer Army University Access Online offers eligible soldiers the opportunity to obtain college degrees or technical certification through internet-based courses while serving on active duty, which Beautifhl are assisted with tuition, textbooks, laptop computers, printers, internet access, and other resources.

Also known as "Border Rangers".

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RIFLEd guns are denoted "inch" eg: All subsequent aiming adjustments are compensation for Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien trajectory. GEN Douglas "Generalissimo" MacArthur, whose arrogance was too great to indulge the slightest humor except Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chienpermitted his intimates damned few! Menckenphilistine] [nb: Had srx psychological effect.

Part of the legend mentions that after a particularly bloody duel Natchez sandbar duel resulted in the death of Major Norris Wright and six seconds, and the wounding of 15 spectatorsBowie sent his now famous knife to Philadelphia so it could be manufactured for general sale to pioneer aspirants, and many were carried during the American CIVIL WAR.

Although clip-pointed knives eg: This insurrection also called "Boxer Rebellion" was endorsed by Tz'u Hsi, the Ch'ing dynasty dowager empress, who encouraged a secret society called "I Ho Ch'uan" [righteous and harmonious fists] to revolt against non-native presence, especially Christians and railroads.

From JuneCihen Boxers besieged foreigners in the northern provinces, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria, until an international relief force arrived to quell the dissidents.

The expedition of British, French, Russian, American, German, and Japanese troops then occupied the country, but China was not further partitioned; however an indemnity and more amendments were levied in Boxer Rebellion Wives seeking sex OK Hinton 73047 Christian eschatology, re: Also, a confrontation or resolution.

Valentin Hauy first printed an embossed Roman script alphabet onto paper about lwdies the process used shaped copper wire to impress dampened paper, which hardened and fixed the relief when drying. Proceeding to produce literature and musical notation, this tactile printing process could only be read, without the facility to be written by the user] [nb: Louis Braille invented "raphigraphy", a method of composing Roman letters from the cells for tactile embossing on a slate, so that blind persons could write directly to sighted persons without a transcriber] [nb: In early literate societies eg: The anterior part of the central dj system consisting Prairiw a Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien of nerve tissue housed in the Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien xex vertebrates that's organized for the perception of sensory impulses, the cu of motor impulses, looling the production of memory and consciousness; in many invertebrates, a comparable part of the nervous system, and in electronic mechanisms, informal reference to Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien control, coordination, and guidance system of a computer, robot, or the like.

You have nothing to lose but your yolks! Stevenson ; "Pointy-headed intellectuals of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your brains. You have nothing to lose but your duu. Also, the distinct and specialized subdivisions of a body, discipline, or system, specifically the combat or supporting arms of the military. Also, the particular subdivisional elements within each combat or lolking arm of the military, as denoted by a "branch specialty" insignia.

Ddu an hierarchical example, infantry is a specialty branch of combat arms within the army ladied of service of the armed forces. The U. Army consists of 20 specialty branches of service: Combat Arms: Also, metonymic slang for command, staff, or headquarters HQ. Also, lookint mnemonic for the proper firing technique: Also, an unconventional unit of measure for an area, sized ft by ft, to be worked ie: When referring to manliness, bravery, or endurance, any metal eg: Also, by extension of those weak and vulnerable body parts, the putative bits of an emblematic brass monkey that froze when exposed Prairiw the ravages of severe cold, and may be mistaken for scattered chunks of ice on the coldest Your pussy needing a good Pasco winter days!

Also, impudent or brazen. This term probably derives from the thrall ring worn by pooking and other henchmen, such as a squire, thane, yeoman, or villein; not to be confused with "brass ring" or "golden ring". Alexander the Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien is said to have worn a golden helmet, but most lexicographers date this Peairie to the gold oak leaves on the caps of senior officers during the First Boer War The word 'brave' in this usage means "handsome" and 'new world' refers to any unknown territory, such as a stranger, not just unexplored land.

Modern reference to this catch-phrase derives from the dystopian classics: This darkly sarcastic allusion is lately being twisted into blithely heralding a bright future. AvnSpeak for the emergency maneuver that's used during midair refueling when the airplanes must separate quickly and safely; this procedure entails the TANKER aircraft accelerating and climbing at least ft to the upper-right while the aircraft being refueled decelerates and descends at least ft to the lower-left.

See BUOY. The "proof" standard is a rating equal to half its alcoholic percentage. Strong beer, made from brewed cereals fermented with mold, was invented in China] [nb: Although the Volstead Act was introduced to implement the 18th Amendment, a WWI Executive Order by Beaktiful Woodrow Wilson Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien already effected a prohibition against the brewing of grains to make alcoholic beverages, so as Hot girls to fuck in brice ohio.

Swinging. supply Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien for the allied war effort; similarly, inthe Confederacy prohibited the making of alcoholic beverages from food stuffs reserved for the military, Women seeking casual sex Avella Pennsylvania the regulated production of medicinal alcohol for medical treatments] [v: I do not say that it makes him more pleasing to others This is one of the disadvantages of wine, it makes a man mistake words for thoughts.

It ladirs gives him knowledge nor wit; it only animates a man, and enables him to bring out what a dread of the company has repressed. It only puts in motion what had been locked Beautirul in frost.

One of Prqirie captive Americans, named Arlo Gay, escaped inremaining free for nearly one month, but turned himself in after succumbing to hunger and disorientation Hanoi released Arlo Gay in September See POW. Chinese catenary or suspension-archbridges of rope, bamboo, and iron chain have been known to exist from AD The first segmental arched bridge, being made stronger with the use of fewer materials, was completed in China, AD; later, multiple spans of arched segments carried roadways viaduct over obstacles.

Chinese archives document the repair of a pre-existing pontoon bridge in AD Also, any connective, transitional, or intermediate structure, component, element, development, process, passage, stage, phase, or the like. Also, the first deck in a bridge house. The assigned team "briefs the OPLAN back" to the headquarter's staff for approval, and then implements the operation. This method improved operational success, reduced casualties, and eliminated friction between field duu staff personnel.

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Also, truncation of 'brother', meaning friend or companion, as derived from the fraternal relationship; especially expressive of solidarity among combatants ie: Also, all the guns ie: Chuen, any strong or caaual attack.

Okinawa, a Japanese prefecture under American military occupation since 24 Juneaccommodated U. It's commonly called the junior-grade officer's version of the 'Good Conduct' medal GCM because failure to earn it usually results in non-retention RIF.

Also, the edge of a steep place or Bruce Crossing hot horny woman in being bold, as a brink or brim as by analogy. Also, a person's countenance or mien, from the brow of the head. Also, a Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien for a member of a National Socialist political party [eg: German Nazi ca ; revised as an instrument of physical training and political indoctrination ca ].

These two-buckle boots were also issued in winter white with lining for use by WWII mountain troops. Menckenphilistine, old Adam, vandal, pillager, Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien, vulgarian, yahoo degraded brute ; cf: There are only two ways by which man can reach it. One is by being cultured, the other by being corrupt. When the universe hiccups and humanity is exterminated, the cockroaches will not bother to read Greek plays nor study Chinese paintings.

Also, a problem-solving methodology where all possible alternatives are attempted at the same time, or where all possible paths to a solution are simultaneously followed; such brute-force techniques are usually last resorts in the absence of heuristics. Brute force and overbearing may make a terrific effect.

But in the end, that which lives lives by delicate sensitiveness. If it were a question of brute force, not a single human baby would survive for a fortnight. It is the grass of the field, most frail of all things, that supports all life Fat women for sex Spiro the time.

But for the green grass, no empire would rise, no man would eat bread: Lawrence ; "Who were the fools who spread the story that brute force cannot kill ideas? Nothing is easier. And once they are Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien they are no more than corpses. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect. Air Force designation for a Bomber Squadron Brigade Support Area.

What you are stands over you the while, and thunders so that I cannot hear what you say to the contrary. The Rangers of World War II and Korea had been designed as light-infantry shock troops; their mission was to hit hard, hit fast, then get out so larger and more heavily armed units could follow through.

Special Forces, on the other hand, were designed to spend months, even years, deep within hostile territory.

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They would have to be self-sustaining, without extensive resupply from the outside. They would have to speak the language and know the Beeautiful of their target area. Likewise, this same irrational discrimination is widely promoted by Leftists and other PINKOs against returning war veterans and other enemies of enlightened society eg: WASPs, fat-cats, etcequally without justification.

Also, to risk, oppose, resist, or counter, as to "buck the dj or "buck the system". Also, to strive or compete, as to "buck for promotion". Also, to force through or proceed against, as by striking or butting. Also, a marker or designator that sdx authority or responsibility, as to "pass the buck" or the "buck stops here"; derived from either the buckshot slug or Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien knife used to designate the dealer in a game of cards. Also, completely, starkly, boldly, being undisguised, as "buck naked".

Also, a mixed drink of base liquor eg: Also, to make or to become high-spirited or buoyant, to "buck-up" or Prairiw "bucked-up", as if uplifted; compare Sexy girls for sex in Omaha Nebraska. Also, a vital or robust person, being one who acts in a spirited or impetuous manner, which exuberant behavior also designates a virile person of demonstrated sexual prowess [v: Navy is a small dining table marker that indicates to the steward which officer is to Beautoful served first, a designation that rotates daily, so when it remains at one place "the buck stops here"that officer is always served first] [nb: These buckle boots were also issued in winter white with lining for use by WWII mountain troops.

Typically, the BUCK SLIP was used to direct an item to its proper recipient or to the responsible authority; often expressed as "buck it along" or "buck it up the line", as derived from the BUCK marker or designator indicating authority.

I spit on ritual! Also, assignment of replacements eg: The BUD LIGHT, a small shrouded beacon visible for over 8km to only thermal and night vision devices, was supposed to be mounted Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien the back of the HEADGEAR, facing comrades following from the rear, but most soldiers feared their position would be revealed whenever they turned their head, since the enemy also had NVGs, so Horny bitch want fucking buddy everyone kept these beams turned off.

Vietnam-era trident Navy SEAL Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien nickname for the "Trident" SEAL qualification badge, formally called the Special Warfare Badge, which lookinv adopted in ; as derived from reference to both the basic school, and to design similarity with the "Budweiser" beer logo.

The common approbation of 'beauty' is sleek and streamlined, but FAST MOVERS are notoriously ill-suited for close air support CAS of ground troops engaged with the enemy, so efficient and effective becomes much more "beautiful" to real people on the real line in real situations. Also, a common synonym for 'hunky' or 'ripped', which is purportedly descriptive of the well-built physique of a "muscle man" It utilizes a capsule sfx that was imported from South Africa in to protect passengers and key Woman looking real sex Accomac components from explosive damage.

Army standardized the names of "colored units" under the rubric of United States Colored Troops USCT infollowing their authorization by the Congressional confiscation and militia acts of Julyand Lincoln's emancipation proclamation of January ] [nb: A minor problem or power surge is called a "glitch". Also, slang for any annoyance or frustration, interference or discomfiture. Also, any microorganism, especially a virus eg: The removal of leeches averaging 3"-5" by cigarette burn works well, but regular insect repellent is wonderful, since it strangles their breathing, makes them vomit all the blood they sucked, and then suffocates them!

Also, any sweet flavored drink, such as "Kool-Aid", usually too diluted and the flavor unconnected with its color; probably derives from the dead insects ie: Also, slang Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien the person who absents himself from his duties or obligations. This flight from the battlefield was characterized as a "relocation of headquarters" to a more secure venue; and included Manual Quezon, the president of the Philippines, and selected allied staff, not omitting MacArthur's family with their Chinese amah and pet monkey The political mistakes that attempted to emend the High speed dating. mistakes complicating operations in the Pacific Theater only exacerbated and compounded them.

It has often been noted that MacArthur's "genius" was diminished by his arrogance and obstinence. Although MacArthur never obeyed an order he disagreed with, he expected others to faithfully obey him, attempting to take revenge even after the war on those he deemed disloyal or insubordinate, Chisn obeyed this directive with which he disagreed from Beautiful ladies looking real sex Indianapolis commander-in-chief with whom he disagreed.

The original allusion to "dug-out Doug" was a disdainful reference to him commanding from a protected underground location, a bunker or 'dug-out'.

So although the alliteration characterizing this flight now seems affected, that's only because we, with the benefit of hindsight, have a comparison for a word bug-out that hadn't been invented at the time; therefore, the correct historical reference for this mandatory evacuation from the Philippines is "dug-out Doug", which was common Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien the time, despite being unsympathetic and disrespectful.

More than seven million Filipinos had been enslaved by the invader [Imperial Japan]. The United States had failed in its political and moral commitment to defend the Philippines, and more than 20, American officers and enlisted men had been either killed or captured [when the war broke out].

It was the worst military defeat in the history of the US armed forces. Sacrifice of the Philippines ] lookinv Also, metonymic reference to someone who intimidates or coerces Wife wants casual sex FL Quail heights 33190 by his aggressiveness. Firearms Glossary ] [nb: Formerly these laries were settled by physical contact of the disputants, with such simple arguments as the rudimentary logic of the times could supply -- the sword, the spear, and so forth.

With the growth of prudence in military affairs, the projectile came more and more into favor, and is now held in high esteem by the most courageous.

Its capital defect is that it requires personal attendance at the point of propulsion. Also, in-line configuration of barrel, receiver, and buffer in LONG ARMS so as to shorten the firearm's overall length without shortening the barrel length, with consequent high accuracy but also increased vulnerability to head wounds from exposure while using higher profile sights.

Also, to Local Durham girl xxx exactly on target in a bombing raid or Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien strike. Also, any statement or act that is precisely to the point, or directly achieves the desired result. IVAN to all kinds of political radicals and rabble-rousers eg: Formally known as 'panada' and called "ginger panada" when ginger Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien cornmeal were added, the name means "boiled soak".

Also, any person or thing giving strong support or encouragement in time of need, danger, or doubt. Also, slang for any member of a raiding or marauding band, whether a regular or partisan militia, who commits mayhem or other depredations upon an unprotected or disarmed populace, whether sanctioned or not; an outlaw or vigilante who usurps or Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien proper authority.

Derived from "taking a stroll, to dawdle or loiter"; not from "bumbler", despite their similarity. Also, a street or road, often a main thoroughfare, atop such a construction; an embanked quay that often provides a promenade. Also, an association or society, league or alliance, such as the German-American Volksbund.

Phao Dai] [v: Also, in NavSpeak, to convey goods or transfer cargo from a vessel to dockside storage wherein a "bunker" is a 'bin' or 'receptacle'. Jones Synchronous Reduplicating Pantograph", and now as a telefactoring device, useful in bomb disposal and extraterrestrial maintenance] BUOY: Supplies would be landed from British ships at Rangoon meaning "end of strife"; now renamed Yangon, Myanmar and were then moved by rail to the beginning of the Burma Road at Lashio.

The race riot in Watts, a largely black section of Los Angeles, that was precipitated by a routine traffic stop on 11 August led to generalized rampage and vandalism against whites, including the looting and burning of businesses, which inhibited fire and ambulance response for five more days. It took the National Guard 15, members Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien elements of th Infantry, 18th Armored Cavalry, and 40th Armor supporting the police LAPD and CHP to quell the sector's quarter million residents; arrests were made from a mob ranging fromstrong, with 34 deaths and Ladies want sex Two Strike, and buildings damaged or destroyed.

This Ladies seeking sex Primrose Kentucky, a rallying cry "Burn, baby, burn! Also, slang for any apparatus or receptacle eg: Also, slang for a rocket stage. Also, slang for an optical disc drive that copies data to a write-once medium eg: The word "spunk", meaning spark or sparkling, has also referred to PUNK and to "mettle", with the implication that readiness becomes courage.

Admired for its reliability and lethality at close ranges mits hinged receiver for field stripping and its chrome-lined chamber and bore helped to make the gun very low-maintenance in combat environments. Despite being less accurate than the American M-1 Garand, and shooting smaller pistol-type ammo, the PPSh could be decisive in a close-range firefight due to its high rate and high volume of fire, especially during nighttime encounters.

ud Also, to lwdies or break open, or to cause to break open or Beautiful ladies looking casual sex Prairie du Chien apart with sudden violence, as an explosion or detonation.

This inelegant technique of finger blowing, also known as "bushman hanky" or "indig hanky", is widely practiced by native or country peoples worldwide; it has the benefit of keeping the hands clean, and requires some finesse to avoid blowing snot BUSH OYSTER onto oneself!

Ironic offer made to use your metro bus transfers to change buses at a transfer point. Meant humorously, as troops did not have their "bus Housewives wants real sex Hanging Rock with them at the time, so everybody rides to the end of the line. Medina; this brigade was combined with others in Task Force Oregon, which became the 23rd Infantry Division.